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PDMS Silicone Membranes

SSPM823 is an ultra-thin, highly-permeable PDMS membrane that’s supplied in standard thicknesses from .005” to .040” as sheets or continuous rolls with a thin release liner. Custom thicknesses are available upon request, but a minimum order quantity may apply.

USP Class VI and FDA Compliant

SSPM823 thin silicone membranes are both USP Class VI and FDA compliant. They use a platinum cure system and are odor free. Applications include laboratory experiments and medical research that requires a gas-permeable / liquid impermeable thin film membrane.

Applications and Technical Specifications

For many common gases, SSPM823 is 30 times more stable than non-silicone stable polymers. Applications include gas analysis, gas detection, gas enrichment, gas separation, and cell growth support. Download the data sheet below for technical specifications such as gas permeability rates for oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and hydrogen. MSDS information is also available.

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Interstate Specialty Products, a Made in the USA manufacturing company with a 50-year history of die-cutting gaskets and other non-metallic parts, is SSP’s preferred PDMS membrane distributor. To place your order, contact today.