EMI/RFI Shielding Elastomers

  • MIL-DTL-83528 QPL Certified.
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Low Shore A/Soft
  • Fuel and Solvent Resistant
  • Low Outgassing
  • Most Conductive
  • Flame Retardant
  • EMI Connector Gaskets
  • Reinforced
  • Most Cost Effective
  • Non-Silicone Based EMI Elastomer
  • By Filler

Electrically Conductive Elastomers for EMI/RFI Gaskets

SSP supplies the EMI/RFI shielding elastomers as sheets, rolls, and ready-to-mold compounds. We can also provide you with fabricated products like EMI O-rings, extrusions, and custom-molded gaskets. 

Download our EMI/RFI Shielding Materials Guide or our EMI/Silicones Catalog , or scroll to see the different types of EMI/RFI elastomers that we offer.

You can also see a breakdown of our most popular products by filler.

EMI Materials
What are SSP's EMI RFI shielding solutions, and how do they compare to competitors' products?
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Types of EMI/RFI Shielding Silicones

Mil-DTL-83528 QPL Certified

SSP is a DLA listed manufacturer to Mil-DTL-83528 conductive elastomer products including Sheets stock, extrusions, o-rings, molded, and die cut gaskets.

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Corrosion Resistant

Nickel plated aluminum filled silicones and flurorosilicones designed for corrosive environments with heavy salt spray including military ships and marine applications.

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Low Shore A/Soft

Softer conductive elastomer allowing for lower enclosure force and better sealing capabilities as low 30 shore A.

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Fuel and Solvent Resistant

Fluorosilicone based conductive elastomers for fuel and solvent EMI gasket applications including jet fuels and de-icing fluids amongst other harsh fluids.

Low Outgassing

SSP has designed low outgassing conductive elastomers for space and high vacuum applications. Testing to ASTM595 via third-party labs available.

Most conductive

These silicones are extremely conductive elastomers where the lowest possible surface conductivity is required.

Flame Retardant

UL94 V0 vertical burn tested conductive elastomers where flame retardant specifications along with EMI shielding and environmental sealing is required.

SSP-5259 Nickel Aluminum Shielding Silicone


Conductive fabric reinforced shielding elastomer for maximum structural stability used in thin wall parts to prevent tearing.

EMI Connector Gaskets

Mil-DTL-83528 Connector gaskets, including EMI shielding for D-sub, USB, RF/coax, and power electrical connectors.

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SSP502-65 supports thinner, smaller, and lighter-weight designs. This EMI RFI elastomer also offers performance levels that are comparable to shielding silicones with silver-coated particles. SSP502-65 is cost-effective and, unlike silver-filled silicones, isn’t subject to fluctuating silver prices. 

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Non-Silicone Based EMI Elastomer

SSP2514-75 is a nickel coated graphite filled conductive EPDM based shielding elastomer. It is used when looking for excellent ozone and UV resistance along with good compression set and solvent resistance.