FDA/USP VI Silicones

SSP2390 is a series of high-purity, platinum-catalyzed, translucent silicone elastomers that are FDA CFR 177.2600, USP Class VI*, and RoHS compliant.

Platinum Cure Silicone Elastomers

SSP2390 is a series of ultra-clean, platinum-catalyzed, heat-cured silicone elastomers that are available in various durometers (Shore A). Platinum-cured silicone rubber has stronger physical properties and lower shrinkage values than peroxide cure compounds, and does not produce offgassing or catalyst byproducts. SSP’s platinum cure silicones are cost-effective, and combine high-purity with FDA, USP Class VI*, and RoHS compliance.

FDA CFR 177.2600, USP Class VI*, and RoHS Compliant Materials

SSP2390 silicone elastomers comply with FDA CFR 177.2600 requirements for rubber articles that are intended for repeated use with food. These platinum cure silicones also comply with USP Class VI requirements for compounds made from components with ingredients with clear histories of biocompatibility. SSP2390 silicone elastomerics also comply with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive 2002/95/E.

Translucent Silicone Compounds

SSP2390 silicone elastomers are translucent in color (custom pigment also available) and are supplied as a ready-to-mold compound or compression-molded sheet stock. SSP can also produce continuous rolls from .005 to .125 inches thick. All SSP2390 silicones are platinum-catalyzed and have an average shelf life of six months. Cold storage will extend shelf life. Raw materials are ready for press-cure molding.  

More Information

SSP2390 silicone elastomers are available in 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 durometers. Download the data sheet for tensile strength, elongation percentage, tear resistance, specific gravity, and cure profile for each durometer. MSDS information is also available, and SSP can supply additional information about individual specifications.

*Disclaimer: The base material in SSP2390-series silicones meets USP Class VI requirements, but the pigments that are used in custom pantones need separate testing per color by the customer.

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